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The crime of wire fraud involves using electronic telecommunications wires to communicate with another individual with the intent of defrauding them. Wire fraud schemes have grown increasingly complex, and more of them continue to arise every day, meaning the number of arrests for this crime also continues to rise.

If you are facing wire fraud charges, you could be facing serious penalties with potentially life-altering consequences. Because prosecutors are effective at winning convictions in fraud crime cases, it is strongly advised that you seek representation from an experienced Modesto criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Mark W. Girdner of the Law Offices of Mark W. Girdner is a former deputy district attorney, which gives him a unique insight into the thought processes of a prosecutor, allowing him to effectively tailor your criminal defense to your needs.

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Federal Wire Fraud Crimes

Wire fraud charges is a federal crime that is prosecuted by the Department of Justice rather than state prosecutors. If you are accused of defrauding or attempting to defraud another individual over state lines using telecommunications wires, your charges will be tried in federal court and the penalties you face become even more severe.

Elements of Wire Fraud

In order to be convicted of wire fraud, your prosecutors must be able to prove the following three elements:

  • You had a scheme to commit fraud
  • You used wire, radio, television, or internet communication to perpetrate your scheme
  • You specifically intended to commit fraud with your scheme

This means there are a few legal defenses, most frequently having to do with intent and demonstrating that you did not intend to commit fraud.

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