What Should I Do if My Child Was Arrested for DUI?

As parent, you can never really prepare for a child’s arrest. It can be shocking and overwhelming, but when the emotions wear off, there are going to be a lot of issues and consequences you will have to deal with. How much is bail going to be? Will they face jail time? How long will their license be suspended? Will this ruin their chance of going to college? While it is natural to be upset and worried, it is vital to maintain a level head and take the following steps after your child is arrested.

Get in Contact with Your Child

If your child is still in jail, it is crucial that you get in contact with them as soon as possible. Since they’re young, they may feel pressured to talk or say something that may not be true. Let them know that as long as they are respectful to the police, they do not need to say much more than general information (name, address, etc.).

Consult an Experienced Attorney

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to consult with an experienced DUI lawyer. They can help you understand the charges and potential penalties and take steps to address any immediate issues, such as bail. A lawyer can use their skills to negotiate with the prosecution for a reduction or dismissal of their charges.

Be Prepared for Costs

In addition to bail, you may have to drop a pretty penny for a DUI arrest. You’ll likely have to pay for towing and impound charges, insurance hikes, alcohol programs, community service and possible costs related to an accident.

Talk to Your Child

After you’ve had some time to cool off, sit down with your child and have a serious conversation. Do not yell at them, but instead explain the dangers associated with drinking and driving and how the consequences can have a drastic effect on their life. If you believe that your child may have a drug or alcohol problem, seek treatment to avoid any future arrests.

If your child was recently involved in a DUI arrest, please contact our Modesto DUI defense attorney at the Law Offices of Mark Girdner. We can review your case and help you better understand the nature of the charges your child faces, the penalties they face, and what we can do to help.

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