Am I Eligible to Receive a Restricted License?

If you are convicted of DUI charges, you could face a number of serious penalties. However, while jail time, a large fine, mandatory alcohol classes, and installation of an ignition interlock device may all seem harsh enough, perhaps no penalty is more inhibitive than having your license suspended. When your driver’s license is suspended, your ability to drive is immediately revoked until you have served your suspension period and apply for reinstatement.

However, if your license has been restricted, you could still possibly keep your driving privileges in a limited capacity. After a certain amount of time, you may become eligible to receive a restricted license. While you won’t be able to drive in the same capacity that you had before, you can still continue to go to work, attend doctor’s appointments, and fulfill other important responsibilities that you would otherwise be required to do.

Qualifying for a Restricted License

For a first offense, you will be required to wait 30 days after your conviction before you are eligible to obtain a restricted license. After that 30 days is over, you’ll be able to apply for a restricted license. To do so, you must bring a few things to the DMV office:

  • You must enroll in a licensed DUI First Offender program and bring proof of your enrollment
  • You must have a California Insurance Proof Certificate (a form SR-22)
  • You must bring $125 to pay the re-issue fee
  • You must request a “to/from/during course of employment and DUI program” restriction

Provided you have waited the initial 30 days, you may then receive a temporary license.

Terms of a Restricted License

A restricted license is only valid for up to five months. If your suspension lasts longer than that, you will need to renew it when the expiration date becomes current. A restricted license also does not give you permission to go anywhere you would like; you are only allowed to drive to and from your job, and your mandated DUI program.

You must also maintain financial responsibility for the duration of your license. If you purchase car insurance to file the proper form and then cancel it, your license will immediately revoked and you’ll have to go back through the application process and pay another re-issue fee in order to continue driving.

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