What to Expect at a DMV Hearing

Understanding DMV Hearings in Modesto, CA

A DMV hearing is an administrative proceeding regarding your driving priveleges and issues surrounding your DUI arrest. The court trial, on the other hand, decides whether you are innocent or guilty of the criminal act. DMV hearings are complicated as the result of procedures, legal rulings and odd rules. DMV license suspension hearings also require a lesser burden of proof than a criminal trial, making it easier to suspend your license.

How to Request a DMV Hearing After a DUI

After you’re arrested for a DUI in California, the arresting officer will notify you that your driving privileges are suspended. However, you have the right to challenge this suspension with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Within 10 days after your license has been suspended or revoked, you can request a DMV hearing.

Write in or call one of the department's Driver Safety Branch Offices to request your DMV hearing. You will be required to send in your name, license number, DOB, and mailing address to make a valid request.

Here is What to Expect at Your DMV Hearing

Before the hearing, you and your attorney must request documents and police reports in the DMV’s possession in order to see their evidence. In return, you may present oral testimony and other evidence, or file the information in written form. At the hearing, a DMV hearing officer with no legal training will preside and determine whether to uphold your suspension or overturn it.

The arresting officer may testify, but they do not have to unless their testimony is needed. However, your attorney may subpoena the officer or other witnesses if they feel it can help your case. If you win, your license suspension will be overturned and your driving privileges will be reinstated. If you lose, your license will be suspended for anywhere from 4 months to 3 years, depending on prior offenses, but you may request a court review within 15 days.

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