How to Fight Wrongful Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges are taken extremely seriously by legislators, prosecutors, and law enforcement. As a result, it often takes little more than an accusation based on a supposed victim’s word for charges to be levied and an arrest to be made. This is particularly true in cases where the accuser is a woman and the accused is her husband, partner, spouse, or roommate. While it’s a good thing that these claims are treated with the seriousness that they deserve for those who really are victims of domestic violence, this has created an environment that fosters false accusations for unscrupulous purposes such as revenge, attention, compassion, or even to steal assets and get out of a relationship without consequence.

False accusations can be life-changing. In many cases, those who are accused often do everything in their power to make the accusations known to everyone from the accused’s employer to their friends and family in an effort to try to slander their reputation. These can be exceedingly difficult to fight back against, but you can start by following these three tips.

Protect Your Valuables

Those who are emotionally or mentally unstable enough to file false domestic violence charges against you may also be looking to steal some of your most precious possessions and prevent you from getting them back by locking you up in jail. This may seem ludicrous, but it happens, so you should never assume that your significant other would “never do that.” Take your most valuable possessions, including important documents and money and store them somewhere safe, far away from where they can be taken.

Talk to Those Close to You

Your closest friends and family members will likely be the first ones your significant other tries to reach out to with their false claims. If you suspect that they may go this far, talk to them first. Tell them about you concerns and that you may be about to face these accusations. If they do wind up happening, your family and friends will be much more likely to believe that they are false and slanderous.

Protect Your Communications

Accusers who really want to make sure the accused gets locked away will often fabricate evidence. While you may not be able to stop them from physically harming themselves (yes, this also does happen), you can prevent them from fabricating other evidence, such as sending threatening emails or messages to themselves from your phone or accounts. Change all of your login and password information as soon as possible and don’t leave your cell phone, computer, or tablet where your spouse can access them and potentially break in and create this evidence.

Talk to an Attorney

When you suspect your significant other may be considering filing domestic violence charges against you, it’s strongly advised that you contact an attorney and seek legal advice as soon as possible. By requesting a free consultation from the Law Offices of Mark Girdner, you can learn more about your options available to you and retain skilled representation should these charges ever be filed against you. Attorney Girdner understands the gravity your criminal accusations can carry, and works hard to defend you and your reputation from those who wish to harm it for personal gain.

Obtain high-quality representation from the Law Offices of Mark Girdner! Call (209) 326-1533 and request a free consultation to start discussing your options with Attorney Girdner today.
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