Why Do I Need a Modesto Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’ve been arrested or are facing criminal charges, you will need legal representation to defend your rights and freedom. For a wide variety of reasons, many people put off hiring an attorney until it’s absolutely necessary, and often end up paying the price. In this blog, we explore common reasons why people choose not to hire a Modesto criminal defense attorney, as well as some of the many reasons why you should not make the same mistake.

Reasons People Don’t Hire an Attorney

They Think It’s Too Expensive

The expense of legal representation is perhaps the most common reason why people choose to avoid hiring an attorney. In reality, a guilty conviction can often cost you far more than even the most expensive lawyers, as you could be fined, ordered to pay restitution, and even end up behind bars. When your freedom is on the line, quality representation is an investment worth making.

They Think it Makes Them Look Guilty

Many people think that if they hire an attorney, especially early in the process, it will give off the impression that they are guilty. However, if you’re facing criminal charges, the state already believes you are guilty – it’s time to start defending yourself. A few people may think you’re guilty if you hire an attorney, but nearly everyone will think you’re guilty if you get convicted!

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

Early Representation

When you hire an attorney immediately after an arrest, they can instantly start protecting your interests and building a strong defense. They will have more time to gather evidence, research case law, and can prevent you from incriminating yourself. If you’ve been arrested, hiring an attorney before you are charged can often pay serious dividends. Oftentimes, your lawyer can negotiate dismissal, plea bargains, or other reductions of the charges against you.

Public Defenders Are Overworked

Depending on your case, the court will most likely appoint you with a public defender if you don’t have your own representation. Many people think, “Great! I have a free lawyer.” As with so many other things in life, you get what you pay for. Public defenders handle massive amounts of cases, and simply don’t have the time to thoroughly investigate your case. For many public defenders, their goal is to get the case dealt with one way or another as quickly as possible, and will often negotiate a substandard plea bargain.

Experience in Court

Perhaps the single greatest advantage of hiring a Modesto criminal defense lawyer like Mark Girdner is their experience in the courtroom. Having the ability to cross-examine key witnesses like police officers, eyewitnesses, and even the alleged offender can make or break even the most high-profile criminal cases.

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