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While the national perspective on marijuana appears to be gradually changing, it is still considered a controlled substance in California. Unless you have a prescription for marijuana, you can be fined or even arrested and criminally charged if you are found in possession of it. In these circumstances, however, it may be still possible to assert your rights and avoid penalties.

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Penalties for Marijuana Possession

California Health and Safety Code 11357 HS describes the offense of marijuana possession. This is generally known as "simple possession," and assumes that the accused had the marijuana for their own personal use.

Maximum penalties for simple marijuana possession include:

  • For 28.5 g or less - $100 in fines
  • For more than 28.5 g - $500 in fines, 6 months in jail
  • For 28.5 g or less (under 18) - $250 in fines, 10 days in jail
  • For 28.5 g or less (under 18, school grounds) - $500 in fines, 10 days in jail

Additionally, California Health and Safety Code 11359 HS describes "possession with intent to sell," which is a considered a much more serious crime and can result in up to three years in prison. If you have been charged with either of these crimes, it is advised you speak to defense counsel immediately. Even minor convictions go on your record and further complicate your life for years to come.

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